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Magical Barrier Protective Spells

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Posted by: | Posted on: January 8, 2020

Magical Barrier Protective Spells

Magical Barrier Protective Spells

Magical Barrier Protective Spells

Another good spell that’s also employed by many Voodooism which is only preventive. The Magical Barrier Protective Spells is employed to ban negative magic effects from your house or from a delegated place. During the entire ceremony the caster recites the mantra of Legba, which for beginners are often difficult.

It always starts right inside the doorway of the house or of the locality, with a skinny line of salt.  Sprinkled on each opening of the house then bashing the ritual knife 3 times against the left side within. The middle of the opening. Then you progress the knife during a horizontal motion to the proper side of the opening, as if you’d stretch. A cord, and bash again 3 times against the proper side of the doorway . Continue clockwise until you reached the doorway again. Draw a skinny line of salt for a second time, and scratch symbolically a line, 45 degrees cross.

After that, the caster moves into the middle of the house or the place, and calls Legba to guard.  This place from negative influences. Additionally , the caster visualizes the procedure with spreading a blinding light from the bottom along the walls.

More about the  Magical Barrier Protective  Spells

This spell is effective against most magical attacks of other persons, except if the attacker is in possession of private object. Likewise, it doesn’t work if other beings are inside it, because the magic acts sort of a cage. Nothing comes in, but nothing gets out also . Thus, this spell can’t protect an area used                                                                                                                                            for invocations, because, logically, entities are unable to enter this area without the facility of a loa.

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